The International Motor Show (IAA) being held in Frankfurt, Germany every second year, is the largest motor show in the world, beating both, Geneva and Paris as Europe’s biggest new car event. There were huge debuts across all exhibitors at this year’s conference. Whether addressing changing consumer tastes, congestion in cities or vehicle efficiency, most of the major automobile manufacturers unveiled a concept powered by alternative energy. German car manufacturers presented luxurious electric car concepts that challenge the American car manufacturer Tesla who was leading the electric vehicle space so far.

Here are a couple of our picks from the show:

Porsche Mission EPorsche Mission E: The Mission E is Porsche’s first all-electric powered, four-seated sports car and was without doubt the sensation of the show. The 600 bhp, 800 volt sports car is seen as a real contender with Tesla. Porsche claims that the Mission E will pass 62 mph in less than 3.5 seconds, reaching a top speed of more than 155 mph. The Mission E can travel over 500 km (310 miles) on one battery charge. With a new type of rapid-charge it can be recharged with enough energy for another 400 km (around 250 miles) in less than fifteen minutes. The instruments in the car are intuitively operated by eye-tracking, gesture control and holograms with displays automatically adjusted to the driver’s position.

Audi e-Tron QuattroAudi Concept e-Tron Quattro: Audi presented the concept for its sporty, all-electric SUV which is due on market in 2018. The design of the e-Tron Quattro is largely based on aerodynamic requirements. With a Cd figure of just 0.25, the car sets the benchmark in the SUV segment. Like the Porsche Mission E, the Audi e-Tron Quattro will have a driving range of around 500 km (310 miles). The battery level is replenished in about 50 minutes via conventional plug-in charging or by wireless induction charging, which uses a plate embedded in the garage floor. A bank of solar panels of the roof of the car helps to charge the batteries on sunny days.

Mercedes Concept IAAMercedes Concept IAA: The Mercedes Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) is two cars in one: an aerodynamics world champion with a Cd value of 0.19 and a four-door coupé embodying irresistible design. It automatically switches from design mode to aerodynamic mode when the vehicle reaches a speed of 80 kmh. The Concept IAA is powered by a petrol/electric plug-in hybrid drive with a total output of 279 hp, which provides it with a top speed of 250 kmh (155 mph).

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