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eConnect cars are proud to announce a luxury upgrade to our fleet of all electric vehicles: the Tesla Model S.

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The Tesla Model S is at the forefront of electric car technology.

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With a range of up to 300 miles on one charge and a 380 BHP motor the Tesla Model S can achieve 60 mph in as little as 3.2 seconds. The performance and luxury of this car far outweighs that of many other high performance vehicles currently on the road.

And the best part, the Model S is completely zero emissions helping to solve the problem of air pollution in London.

The car’s interior is a meticulous mix of noise engineering which, combined with a uniquely quiet drivetrain, makes the cabin as sound proofed as a recording studio – even through the loud busy streets of the Capital.

Every interior surface is a careful balance between luxury and environmental friendliness. From the integrated door handles of hand polished zinc through to the premium leather upholstery; the Tesla is cutting edge technology wrapped in luxury and comfort.

The addition of these cars to our fleet continues our philosophy of providing an all electric car service without compromising quality.

Be driven by eConnect cars, upgrade your business class journey to an executive one now:

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Please provide as much notice for bookings as possible to avoid disappointment as our Tesla Model S service is already proving very popular. This service is offered in association with Chauffeur Green.

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