GoldPower is the world’s first global renewable energy label.


goldpowerDeveloped by Climate Friendly and supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) GoldPower is a fully global and effective renewable energy label. It is a guarantee that the renewable energy purchased is truly transforming the way the world creates electricity.

By using GoldPower we are effectively contributing to producing more electricity from renewable energy sources and helping to develop wind farms, hydro-electric plants, solar farms and other sources of renewable energy globally. This means our customers benefit from a fully carbon free service.

“GoldPower guarantees that your renewable energy purchase provides truly additional reductions in carbon emissions as well as delivering significant, verified social and environmental benefits to the local community. These benefits can include health clinics, employment and education of locals as well as new infrastructure like power and roads.”
Source: GoldPower

“GoldPower enables customers to contribute simply and effectively to transforming the way we create our electricity.”
Joel Fleming, Founding Chairman, Climate Friendly

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