Electric Car sales

Electric Car sales this year have grown at a staggering rate compared to recent years new figures show.

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show a 56% rise in sales of alternatively fuelled vehicles this September compared to last year. That’s almost 10,000 new vehicles and includes both plug in Hybrid and Electric Car sales.

One of the biggest winners has been Nissan who’ve reported over 3,000 sales of their ever popular Leaf model to date this year. That compares very favourably to the 1,800 cars sold during the same period in 2013.

Of course we can fully attest as to why the Nissan Leaf is so popular having a lot of first hand experience. It’s a car very close to our hearts here at eConnect cars as our all electric fleet of private hire vehicles is wholly comprised of the top of the range Nissan Leaf Tekna. Our customers always travel in comfort and style throughout London.

The Rise of Electric Car Sales

One of the reasons stated for the rise in Electric Car sales has been the amount of choice with over 20 models of Electric Car now available on the market. With new and improved models being launched more often this is an exciting time for the industry as advancements in performance and range are constantly being made.

Another factor has been Government support. There have been over 14,000 Electric Car sales since the launch of the UK Government’s subsidy scheme for Electric Vehicles in 2011. However, 5,000 of those have been registered between July and September of this year, which shows that popularity and demand has risen considerably.

While the economics have been well documented there are also logistics to consider. More and more charging points are being installed around London making recharging your Electric Car much easier.

As more and more people switch on to the financial advantages of owning an Electric Car the benefits to air quality, energy efficiency, and of course comfort and wellbeing, will improve dramatically.

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