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Paris will be the venue for the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015 from the 30th November to 11th December. The conference is where representatives of 196 countries will gather to try and find a way to achieve a legally binding, universal agreement on climate change, and find ways to work together towards a low carbon future.

The conference not only brings together 196 nations but combines the meetings of the two leading international climate change bodies, the Conference of Parties (COP21/UNFCCC) and the Meeting of the Parties (CMP11/Kyoto Protocol), to put together one universal climate change agreement.

In the UK we are feeling both the short and medium term effects of climate change with worsening winter floods, hotter summers and unpredictable rainfall.

Many scientific studies have put all or part of the blame on our reliance on fossil fuels and the pollution caused by burning them, which releases harmful gases into our atmosphere. Levels of CO2 continue to rise and the number of deaths attributed to breathing difficulties is growing

International opinion on climate change and the need for a low carbon economy has picked up significant pace in recent years. Drastically worsening weather all over the World has led to catastrophic consequences for food and water supplies. Technological advances such as electric vehicles and developments in renewable energy generation can help to curb our reliance on oil.

Many schemes such as the Mayor of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone for Central London are a great start to help but wider action on a much larger scale is necessary to have a global impact.

This years Paris conference represents a real chance for a straightforward agreement that has clear rules and can deliver ambitious change before 2020.

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