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Following the hundreds of thousands of people who marched in cities around the world on Sunday, the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21) commenced in Paris this week. As leaders from 147 nations gathered to address the conference, few can doubt the global significance of climate change and the importance the world is placing on tackling the […]

Evening Standard

We were delighted to be featured in the Evening Standard (16th June 2015) as part of the paper’s series of reports into how green technologies can curb pollution in London. As more research is being done into premature deaths caused by air pollution in the City eConnect cars aims to be part of the solution. Our fleet of electric cars […]

how electric vehicles have the power to disrupt traditional transport

In my first two articles I discussed the development of electric and connected vehicles, how electric vehicles (EVs) are now, not just practical, but also desirable; and how the perceived and real issues related to their use have been or are likely to be addressed. We have established the reasoning behind EVs and their best uses. To take this one […]

One of the themes in my first article discussed the developments in electric and connected vehicles. In particular, how the vehicles available today meant owning and using electric vehicles (EVs) was now both practical and desirable for many people. This article looks at some of the perceived and real issues that continue to exist and how these have been, are […]

Evening Standard

Strategies and Trends eConnect cars came to life as a concept initially back in 2012. Around that time I was at the beginning of what many people may call a mid-life crisis. I wasn’t looking to buy that fast car, renovate a house or move to the West Country but wanted to build something of my own. A new business, […]

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