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Plugged-In Fleets event – 15th April 2014
By Donata MacCrossan on April 16th In Blog, News Headlines

The Energy Saving Trust invited us along to share our experience of  the Plugged-In Fleets review and our learnings of operating an all electric fleet in London.  Alistair presented to a room of suppliers, government stakeholders, public and private sector fleets: He also sat on the panel of experts alongside representatives from the Energy Saving […]

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London named third most popular destination in the world
By Donata MacCrossan on April 8th In Blog, News Headlines

Following a record-breaking year for London tourism, the capital was today rated third in the world in TripAdvisor 2014 Travellers’ Choice awards for Destinations. Gordon Innes, the Chief Executive of London & Partners, said, “London has had a blockbuster year, experiencing a surge in tourists not seen before by any other post-Olympic host city in […]

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EU votes to make electric cars noisier
By Donata MacCrossan on April 4th In Blog, News Headlines

EU votes to make electric cars noisier – this has sparked off some interesting discussions on forums…  what are your views on artificial noise being fitted to electric cars so pedestrians can hear them coming?

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Nissan LEAF drivers save £52.5m as they clock up near a billion kms
By Donata MacCrossan on March 24th In Blog, News Headlines

eConnect cars proud to be part of the 100,000 Nissan LEAFs worldwide that are collectively responsible for removing 204,000 tonnes of potential CO2 emissions from the environment. click here to read the article.

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Charge post installed
By Donata MacCrossan on March 18th In Blog, News Headlines

  Charge post installed – and here are two of our Leafs charging!

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Robert Llewellyn got the eConnect cars experience
By Donata MacCrossan on February 25th In Blog, News Headlines

Last night eConnect cars had the pleasure of taking Robert Llewellyn (star of Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge)  to Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre podcast.  Here’s what he thought of our service:   ‘With recent reports about the very high levels of toxic particulates in London’s atmosphere, it was wonderful to be driven through the […]

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Leaf tops January sales for electric vehicles
By eConnect cars on February 7th In Blog, News Headlines

The Nissan Leaf has continued its market leading electric vehicle status in the UK, with 230 registrations in January. Click here to read the full story

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Most popular EV in the world – Nissan Leaf
By eConnect cars on February 3rd In Blog, News Headlines

  The Nissan Leaf is on sale in 35 countries on four continents, and it has captured 45 percent market share for pure electric vehicles.  And guess what – the Leaf is our vehicle of choice!  Have you take a journey in one yet?  Why not book with us next time you need to get from […]

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It’s amazing who you meet while charging
By eConnect cars on January 29th In Blog, News Headlines

Last night while one of our drivers was charging one of our Nissan Leafs he bumped in to @EvMeerkat – click here to read what he has to say about eConnect cars!

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