hackney council

Hackney Council have launched their first on street rapid charger for public use. The new unit was unveiled last Wednesday and is now open for business. Hackney Council’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Sustainability, Councilor Feryal Demirci, formally launched the new charger saying, “The Council is committed to improving air quality in the borough, including supporting the development of electric […]

better battery

All electric vehicles are powered by batteries. With rising sales of electric vehicles around the world the race to build a better battery that can improve range and performance is gaining pace. However, electric vehicle are not the only use for this next generation of batteries. With the rise in renewable energy production from wind turbines and solar panels the […]

oil price

A lot has been written lately about the fall in oil prices, how this will effect the World’s economy and the Global impact of cheaper oil. But will a lower oil price effect the roll out and development of Electric Vehicles? Many analysts are predicting that a lower oil price will slow the growth of the EV market but there […]

Many electric vehicle cynics use the argument that electric cars aren’t environmentally friendly as they run on electricity generated through the National Grid. While this is true it’s also a fact that oil refineries use a colossal amount of electricity to produce petrol for conventional vehicles. Find out more in this film by Fully Charged supported by Ecotricity. The majority […]

green energy solutons

eConnect cars and GoldPower While our cars are completely free from tail pipe emissions we are often asked about the energy we use to charge our fleet of electric vehicles. This electricity comes from the National Grid in the first instance but in order for our service to be as sustainable as possible we’re buying GoldPower. One of just a […]

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