For the past few months a consultation has been running to make the centre of London an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). This is part of our City’s plan to improve air quality, which consistently breaks EU regulations and results in significant EU fines. It is estimated that over 4,300 people die prematurely each year in London due to breathing […]

The last year has been a very exciting one at eConnect cars. Not only has it been the year in which our service was launched but also a year of growth and development which has led to some of our achievements being recognised through a number of National awards. The Year in Statistics Our cars have driven over 93,000 miles […]

Many electric vehicle cynics use the argument that electric cars aren’t environmentally friendly as they run on electricity generated through the National Grid. While this is true it’s also a fact that oil refineries use a colossal amount of electricity to produce petrol for conventional vehicles. Find out more in this film by Fully Charged supported by Ecotricity. The majority […]


There is now increasing evidence showing that electric vehicles have higher customer satisfaction ratings than conventional petrol or diesel cars. The same data also suggests that once an owner has bought into the ideal of an electric car they will become long term customers. One of the most common and successful models of the new breed of electric vehicle, the […]

The Nissan Leaf is on sale in 35 countries on four continents, and it has captured 45 percent market share for pure electric vehicles. And guess what – the Leaf is our vehicle of choice! Have you take a journey in one yet? Why not book with us next time you need to get from A to B and experience the […]

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