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We were delighted to be featured in the Evening Standard (16th June 2015) as part of the paper’s series of reports into how green technologies can curb pollution in London.

As more research is being done into premature deaths caused by air pollution in the City eConnect cars aims to be part of the solution. Our fleet of electric cars produce no tail pipe emissions and help reduce harmful CO2 and NOx entering the atmosphere.

Our Founder and Managing Director Alistair Clarke was interviewed for the piece talking about plans for expanding our fleet of all electric cars and our successes.

Alistair said, “Since the start of this year, we have done 45,000 emission-free passenger miles, saving nearly 200,000kg of CO2.

We are in effect doing today what many are saying would not be possible, even by 2018. This time next year, I think we will see at least 300 to 400 pure electric cabs in London.

You can read the full Evening Standard article by clicking here:

Alistair was also interviewed at the recent Business Travel Show giving his views on setting up eConnect cars, the industry and the future of sustainable travel.

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