The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has confirmed that London’s ULEZ or Ultra Low Emissions Zone will come into affect from the 7th September 2020 after running a positive consultation with the London public and businesses.

eConnect cars welcomes the direction of the ULEZ. With the aim of cutting air pollution in half by reducing harmful car and vehicle exhaust fumes in London this is of course a very positive step forward, and there are opportunities to do more with even stricter controls provided the infrastructure is in place

Investing in infrastructure

London’s ULEZ will come into force in 2020 which gives the Capital 5 years to invest properly in a smart, widespread and high capacity rapid charging network.

Recent advancements in charging technology have allowed for quicker charging speeds and new battery technology has extended the range of many vehicles.

With a world class charging point network in place the new ULEZ could be very successful and put London at the very forefront of electric car technology.

As charge points are easily situated in central locations and do not require large amount of liquid to refill them by large tankers they are a much more convenient way of running our transport solutions.

Is this the end of the chauffeur driven service?

It has been suggested that London’s ULEZ will put many chauffeur driven services out of business. In a letter to Private Hire News a leading figure in the chauffeur driven industry suggested that building and maintaining a fleet of high level executive cars will be impossible with zero emissions vehicles.

Mercedes currently advertises its on the road price for a new basic E Class as being £34,270 and its executive S Class at just under £70,000.

The entry level list price for a Tesla Model S which is undoubtedly the cutting edge of the electric executive car market is £50,500.

This isn’t that much of a difference in price especially considering the substantial savings in tax rates, fuel costs, servicing and mechanical parts which can make the Tesla a much more cost effective option over time – not to mention the health benefits to the driver and wider community which are very substantial.

Our conclusions

Technology is improving all the time and this has been especially so in the electric car market in recent years. This has led to advancements make charging quicker, batteries cheaper, and providing a wider choice in vehicles.

Whilst companies need sufficient lead times to prepare for rule changes, it is possible to comply today, as eConnect does, and this will only get easier over the coming years.

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