Case Study: Special Events

eConnect cars were approached by a leading public figure on the day of his knighthood at Buckingham Palace. The brief was to provide a bespoke transport solution for a party of eight people throughout this very special day.

“Your staff performed to an exemplary standard, and were a very great credit to your company. The service in every respect was outstanding; I’ve never had better from a transport provider. If this is what you do for every client, you’re going to knock the competition out of the market.”

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The Brief:

Our client’s transport requirements consisted of a complex schedule for the day with a number of destinations and passenger compositions.

The knighthood ceremony would be taking place at Buckingham Palace while part of the group would tour London’s central shopping district.

A lunch had been booked for the entire party at an iconic restaurant at the Shard on the South Bank before one group would be departing to Kent. The second group would leave London from Victoria Station.

All parties had a number of separate bags and items of luggage that needed to be kept secure throughout the whole day and be returned to their owners upon departure.

Our Solution:

This occasion required a bespoke solution utilising our top of the range electric vehicles. By using the right car for the right job we were able to split out the requirements into specific sections. This enabled us to provide a dedicated, cost effective service rather than booking out a fleet of cars for the whole day.

Two executive Tesla Model S vehicles were chosen to transport our client and some of his party to his knighthood at the Palace. Arriving in such luxury vehicles added the appropriate prestige for the occasion.

A third Tesla was employed to provide an ‘As Directed’ service for those heading to the shops. This meant that all the party had the opportunity to experience for themselves the quiet, smooth ride of an electric vehicle.

The top of the range Nissan Leaf Tekna was used to transfer those going from the restaurant to the railway station and to take care of the luggage which was possible due to the car’s surprisingly large 370 litre boot space and fully folding split rear seats.

The longer distance journeys down to Kent were completed in style using the Tesla Model S that has a range of some 250 miles thanks to their 85 kWh batteries. Travelling in zero emissions vehicles meant our client made a significant contribution to better air quality, while the comfortable atmosphere within our cars added to the positive experience.

Additional Feedback from the client:

“When I rang on the morning of the investiture, to make a few minor changes to the timings, the person to whom I spoke immediately knew the booking in detail and could not have been more helpful.

The drivers were unfailingly courteous, knowledgeable, interested in our needs and eager to accommodate them. The cars were of a very high standard, and everything your drivers did for us was the most they could have done, and every effort was made to ensure our transport was of the highest standard.

Everything about the transport on the day went exactly to plan, and every member of my party was enormously impressed.”

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