What we do and why

eConnect cars provides London with a chauffeur-driven car service using all electric vehicles. You can book our service just as easily as any London Taxi or Mini-Cab company but there are a number of key advantages:

Electric, Effortless, Energised

Our chauffeur-driven fleet of cars is made up entirely of fully electric vehicles. We utilise only top of the range cars and our clients travel in comfort and luxury shielded from the noise and fumes of the London urban environment.

Passengers always comment that they arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and energised. Find out more about Our Cars

Corporate Responsibility

London is failing to meet the legal requirements on air quality set down by the European commission. Harmful air-borne particulates are estimated to cause the death of over 4,000 people per year in London.

eConnect cars provides a simple and effective way to ensure your company is helping to change this and make the right choice when it comes to transport.

Calculate how much CO2 you could save using our service compared to a conventional taxi service

Smarter Mobility

Whether you’re booking a single journey or need a dedicated fleet, eConnect cars can provide a chauffeur-driven service on-demand.

Whatever your requirements, eConnect cars combine a business class service with zero emissions.

The Cost of Transport

By utilising best-in-class technology eConnect cars provide effortless booking and back-office systems integration, which means it’s easier than ever to book your transportation.

By providing passengers with the space to recharge, reflect and plan, the eConnect cars service aims to ensure your staff arrive feeling better than when they left.

By utilising fully electric vehicles eConnect cars minimises the direct and indirect cost of emissions associated with car transportation. Find out how we do this by using GoldPower.

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