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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if the car runs out of battery?
A. We will never undertake a journey that could result in the battery running flat. Both the driver and the control room have instant access to the predicted range. As a result, a driver will not accept a job if the remaining battery after drop-off is predicted to fall below 20% charge.
Q. How do you maximise the range of your cars?
A. We combine the technology within the car (eco-mode with regenerative braking) with driver training to maximise the range achievable.
Q. Does the battery create additional risk if the car is involved in an accident?
A. At the NCAP testing, the battery system was switched on during the crash simulations to test the in-built safety measures of the electrical system, which includes automatic cut-off isolation in the event of an accident.The car passed those with flying colours and has been awarded the five-star NCAP rating.
Q. How do you re-charge the cars?
A. We fully re-charge the fleet between 1am and 5:30am. If a customer requires a vehicle between these hours, or when an eConnect cars is not available, they will be supplied with an alternative car from our carefully selected partners to ensure a seamless service for all our clients.
Top-up charging is also undertaken during the day using the network of charging infrastructure being built across London.