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Plugged-In Fleets event – 15th April 2014

By Donata MacCrossan on April 16th In Blog, News Headlines

The Energy Saving Trust invited us along to share our experience of  the Plugged-In Fleets review and our learnings of operating an all electric fleet in London.  Alistair presented to a room of suppliers, government stakeholders, public and private sector fleets:


He also sat on the panel of experts alongside representatives from the Energy Saving Trust, OLEV and EDF Energy, answering questions from the audience:



The day then continued with test drives in a range of electric and plug in hybrid vehicles, BMW i3, VW e up, Toyota Plug-in Prius and the Tesla model S to mention but a few.  He’s me with the biggest smile on my face returning from taking the Tesla out for a test drive…



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