Our Cars

“Be driven…
without compromising quality”

All our cars are chauffeur-driven and top of the range zero emissions electric vehicles.

Our Business Class Service:
The Nissan Leaf Tekna

Built in Britain, the 100% electric, zero emission, Nissan Leaf Tekna is a spacious 5-seater with leather interior and heated seats, packed full of innovation to optimise passenger safety and comfort.

Sound suppressing technology built into the cars design means you are transported in an environment shielded from the noise and fumes of the city.

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Find out about GoldPower the renewable energy source that powers our fleet of cars

“Be driven… in relaxing comfort
arriving recharged and ready”

We transport our customers to their destinations in luxury and style.

Our Executive Class Service:
The Tesla Model S

With a range of up to 300 miles on one charge and a 380 BHP motor the performance and luxury of this car far outweighs that of many other high performance vehicles currently on the road.

Every interior surface is a careful balance between luxury and environmental friendliness. The integrated door handles are hand polished zinc and the upholstery premium leather; the Tesla is cutting edge technology wrapped in luxury and comfort.

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